Revolutionary and Amazing AI Software

First, our apologies for delays in our launch.

We simply will not build a program with such tremendous potential for our members and clients only to be shut down later because of governmental intervention.

What we are doing is so new, so revolutionary there is no model like ours to point to and show the Feds what is already out there!

So here is what has been going on:

For the past 2-3 months our lawyer has been working with, mostly attempting to, receive various answers on various questions from SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) and also the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

He has been attempting to only seek clarity on aspects of the website dealing with what we can say and claim relative to our revolutionary and frankly amazing AI software.

Two weeks ago we found out why the regulatory delays where happening.

Turns out the SEC and this agency CFTC (Commodities & Futures Trading Commission) were battling over who would receive authority over the crypto industry in the U.S.

This question was resolved finally three weeks ago via a Presidential order giving full authority to the CFTC.

Finally our lawyer had the source for the questions, hence...

So great news! We are absolutely confident in projecting a launch date of July 11.

We realize this is about three weeks from now, however several things need to be done to make certain what we do is 100% compliant with the agency who now has legal authority over everything crypto related.

In the mean time, you may continue to build your network of potential customers through the use of just one marketing tool, an email to be distributed which you will find in your back office. 

We recommend you log in to your back office, click on "marketing tools" and distribute the invitation email which explains how members can join now and become a referring member. Clicking on your "Pre-Launch" Member Special Access package will show YOUR referral link and also bring you to the Marketing Tools: 

So a big "Yippee!"

This legal B.S. is now behind us, and we will have a program in full compliance.

We will send out one more update prior to the launch where we talk about the use of marketing materials which are now being completed, so as to be in compliance and other important issues you may want to know about.


P.S. Don't forget... ALL questions must go through / to our support, which is available once you are logged in to your back office. Thank you!

P.P.S.  If you have not pre-registered please use this link: